Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love vacation.

Why is it that your days off seem to pass by so quickly. It's Saturday night and it's back to work on Monday. Another great day spent most of the morning watching old movies on TCM, got up dressed and went to the movies The Tale Of Despereaux, with my niece Deja she's 9. The movie was great and I enjoyed myself and the time I spent with my neice. The mouse was so cute. So be brave if you don't have a little kid to take with you and go see the movie. I picked up my copy of Dead Men Don't Crochet, by Betty Hechtman. I think I will read a few pages tonight. I added a few rows to my Christmas Carol scarf. Posting a picture of the scarf in progress. Happy Crafting.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eating and shopping.

Great day today. I spent part of the morning checking my email and a few forums. Then showered got dressed so that I could meet my daughter in Greensboro to do a little mother daughter bonding. While I waited for her to get to Greensboro from Durham I paid a visit to Gate City Yarns located at 231 S Elm St, Greensboro. It was my first time in the shop since the remodel and reopening, Yarn Etc was the former owners of the shop. It is now owned by Carl Beeson and Tina Feir. I signed up for their newsletter and I've already received a newsletter it was in my email when I got home today, they have great yarn and the place looks great inside. I brought 3 skeins of yarn Duo in a very pretty variegated blue it is an acrylic but it does not feel like acrylic, also one of my favorites Lambs Pride Bulky in a very pretty Cranberry Swirl. I already have a project in mine for the Lambs Pride. I meet my daughter at Ganache located at 403 N Elm St, Greensboro. When you walk through the doors the very first thing you see is the most beautiful cakes and cheesecake I have every seen. The staff was very friendly the service was excellent and the food was just so, so good. My daughter and I both ordered the Shrimp and grits and all I can say is wow I have never had grits for anything but breakfast never with shrimp served as an entree, I also tried a bowl of she crab soup it was great too! My daughter had a slice of Red Velvet Cake she said it was very good. We are both ready to go back again. Then We went to Stitch Point located at 1614-C West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro brought more yarn Plymouth Yarn Galway 6 skeins 3 pink and 3 green to knit a scarf and hat for my daughter in her sorority colors. If you are a Noro lover Stitch Point is the place to go, I need to make another trip I hope in February My plan is to buy Noro lots of Noro. Then to add to shopping I should not have done I went to borders pick up the latest One - Skein Wonders book 101 Small Indulgences Luxury Yarn One - Skein Wonders. I spent sometime last night working on a plain garter stitch scarf to go along with the reading of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens it is next months book discussion on a group through Ravelry. The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen's Wool color Nature's Brown 100% pure virgin wool. I plan to add fringe. In all the Christmas Carol movies I love to watch every year most of the scarves have fringe. The last inflatable in the yard Snoopy on top of his dog house. Happy crafting.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas day and so far a pretty good day. My sister and nieces and nephew came over for a few minutes this morning. My daughter has called me 3 times today. She is in Durham spending Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. I think she is having a good time. I think she will be back here on Sunday. I definitely had to much wine last night I put on my favorite Christmas Carol dvd on and I was asleep before the door knocker turned into Jacob Marley. So just as soon as my mother leaves to go visit her mother my grandmother with her sister I am planning on giving it another try and watching the movie again. The Grinch after he stole all the toys from the Who's another inflatable in the yard. I took the pictures during the day because my camera does not do to well at night.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well its Christmas Eve. I spent a few hours of the day at Walmart and Bottom Dollar, Lowe's Food. Last minute shopping. I hate last minute shopping. At this time I am watching It's a Wonderful Life. I have already had to much wine and a visit from a very good friend. So far no reading,knitting, crochet or reading. I have to start while I am on vacation. Our office was closed today and will be closed Thursday and Friday reopen on Monday. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas. I think I should cast on. This is the Grinch coming out of the chimney very nice yard art.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very pink scarf.

Well the weekend almost over. I just finished a nice Bias Scarf. I used Yarn Bee Yarn in what I think is bubblegum pink. I lost the band that went with the yarn. I paid a visit to my local Hobby Lobby and the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro no more of the yarn in the color I have so I how have a very short scarf. Great scarf. Only 2 work days Monday and Tuesday and then nice long vacation. Our office is closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I return to work 12/29/2008 work the 29th and the 30th and go back to work on the 5th of January. So it like oh happy day. Still no picture of the Grinch I will take one on Wednesday and post the same day. Posting a picture of the Bias Scarf that is hot off the needles.