Friday, December 22, 2006

A beautiful day on the beach

Wow today has been a great day at the beach the sun came out and we got to walk on the beach and feed the seagulls. I love to feed the seagulls they come out from everywhere when you start feeding them bread. Tonight we are getting out the flash lights and walking. Well it is almost time to go out to eat so maybe I will post more tonight.

I am at the Beach!!!

I am sitting on the couch on the second floor lobby looking at the Christmas trees and listening to it rain. Yes rain and I mean a lot of rain, I hope it clears up and does not rain the whole time we are at the beach. It will be just my luck my only vacation this year and its raining. I love the beach I could wake up every morning looking at the Ocean. If I every win big and I mean real big with the lottery I am buying a Oceanfront Condo. I plan to take a picture of the ocean tomorrow from the beach if it stops raining. If not from the balcony. The ride down was nice an went smoothly did not get lost. I am sure anyone from NC would not believe a person from the Carolina's could get lost going to the beach but we do every time. I have not crocheted today just did not while riding and none so far while here, maybe later tonight.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1 year blogging.

Well 1 year ago I started a blog to talk about crochet and other things. I went a few months out of the year without making an entry. I will try to do better next year. I have finally finished my dish clothes I gave up on the potholders. Two more days to work and on Friday I will be headed to the beach!!!!!! I have to buy bread to feed the Seagulls. I have a project ready to take to the beach a nice ripple afghan and a scarf. I think I want to learn to knit. I have been reading a knitting mystery by Maggie Sefton Knit One, Kill Two in the book a lot of women met each other in a yarn shop slash coffee shop and knit. One of the main characters is trying to solve her Aunt and her aunts cousins murder. I love to read mysteries but I am not good at solving them because I am almost finished with the book and I still don't have a guess on who could be murderer. When I finish this one which is the first in the series I plan to move on to the second I will need to do an inter library loan. Well I hope the Resort we are staying at has Internet access.