Monday, June 16, 2008


I finished 2 dishcloths Sunday. One all I needed to do was weave my ends. The second I finished the last 11 row and weaved the ends. I found both patterns on Ravelry. Two of the members posted pictures of their dish cloths and access to free patterns on their blogs. The first cloth Two Hearts as One Dishcloth, by Cathy Waldie I used the Lily Sugar ' n Cream in Hot Pink, love the color. The second A Valentine Surprise by Kris I used Peaches & Creme in Yellow, love this color too its nice a bright. My next dishcloth I might start tonight is from Leisure Arts dishcloths FROM THE HEART, By Evelyn A. Clark Pattern #9 Knit & Purl Hearts after this I plan to force myself to knit a cloth with YO(yarn over) and SSK(slip,slip,knit) after knitting for a year I think it is time.

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♥CraftyMel♥ said...

Nice cloths! now I'm the opposite of you. I have yet to do a pattern like these you have don but I have done YO ssk.

Great Work!