Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still knitting dishcloths

This is not a regular thing in NC winter is still a week away. We have snow flurries. My daughter came by to pick up the fur baby. I am trying to get ready for the week ahead. I am still knitting dishcloths. I have to dishcloths left to knit for my sister. One of the two I have on the needles now. I am watching Bama Belles on TLC. This is a strange show and I am not sure this show represents all southern woman. I was raised in the south and this was not my experience. Have a great week.

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Sharon Marie said...

We're nearing the deadline for all the Christmas projects. You seem to be on top of yours, I still have a few pairs of slippers to go although I get sidetracked quite often. I haven't seen Bama Belles but I know how this type of show can stereotype people. Hope you don't get too much snow.