Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Daughter and Me

I meet my daughter at A C Moore today. We went to Costco. I love Costco! The samples were great. To many people but still a great time at Costco. I brought Babybels, Oxiclean, Salmon, and Catfish fillet's. Then the plan was to go to Friendly Shopping Center because my daughter was not finished shopping for her boyfriend and his brother. We had to separate cars and left Costco to meet each other at Friendly. Well I thought we would meet at the Bread Company and my daughter thought we would meet at Macaroni Grill. So we spent an hour looking for each other. So after we found each other we went to Macaroni Grill and it was great. Then to Belk so that my daughter could shop. She found most of the things she wanted for her boyfriend and for his brother and his father. It was a great day. While we s shopped we had a few snow flurries and a great time together. After we separated she went on to do more shopping and I went home. I stopped by Books-a-Million to pick up a book I ordered. Then home Asheboro received a few more flurries than Greensboro. Another 15 dishcloths to for fill my Mother's order. We will see how things go. I am watching A Christmas Carol the Reginald Owen version. My favorite is the Alastair Sims version so far no one on tv has the Alastair Sims version . Still knitting dishcloth's.


Sharon Marie said...

You may check Everyday they're putting old Christmas movies online and "Christmas Carol" may show up there.

Ria said...

Glad you had a fun trip - it's been ages since I've been to Macaroni grill. good Luck with the dishcloths!