Thursday, December 16, 2010

A litte Snow, A little Sleet, A little Freezing Rain.

Today in North Carolina we had a mix of snow and freezing rain. I live almost in the middle of the state we had a tiny bit of snow and then freezing rain. Today for the first time since I have worked at my agency our office opened on a 2 hour delay! It was a great feeling not to worry about trying to get to work under icy conditions. It has always been the policy at my job to make your on decision about getting to work on time or not coming to work during hazardous weather. Yes only a few inches of snow or sleet is considered hazardous in this part of North Carolina. So today I did not have to worry about all of that and got to work at 10:00 without any trouble. Finished and started another dishcloth today. So I cm still pressing on with the dishcloth thing. I need more Dark Pine(green), and I think that will do it. I have to knit 4 more dishcloth in Mistletoe, and I have 4 balls of Mistletoe. You can get almost 2 dishcloths out of one ball of Sugar n Cream. I found a great pattern for a Christmas tree knit dishcloth pattern on Ravelry yesterday but it is to late to try this pattern this year. So sometime after the year year I plan to give it a shoot. I have plans to meet my Daughter in Greensboro go to Costco and then have lunch. Only 3 days of work next week!

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Sharon Marie said...

Sounds like you got our KY weather. Hope you enjoy your time off.