Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What do you wish for?

Sometimes I wish I could tell people to kiss my natural black ass! It is not nice or polite but sometimes I feel this is something I would like to say. Just needed to get that off my chest. I had to rip out the dishcloth I have been working on for my December dishcloths are us swap partner. I have a backup cloth and I guess I will send it off this weekend. So that I can continue to knit the dishcloths for my Mother. I must admit I am tired and depressed this always happens at this time of the year. I took my car to another shop today and he told me the same thing as the rest $1500.00 to fix my car's problem with the heat and the air. This is to much money for me and I will have to live with the problem. The mechanic did tell me that all I needed to do was stick my hand under something in the car to switch the heat and the air and that's what I will need to do. I don't think my car is worth $1500.00 . This is to much for me to pay to get my car repaired. Never ever have I had this much money in my checking account and I never will. I live hand to mouth. Always have and I always will. Still working on my mothers dishcloths.

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Stitch 'n Frog said...

Theresa, you Baaaaad! ~LOL~

I could not count the number of times I would like to have told someone to kiss my natural pink ass. But for a very few exceptions, managed to keep my mouth shut~

I hope your dishcloths go well so you can relax a bit and enjoy making them.

Our car needs fixes that we can't afford too. So I know what you mean there. Maybe Santa will bring both of us a new one . . . Yeah, he's probably saying that we can kiss his naturally fat ass. ROFLMBO!