Saturday, December 11, 2010


Great day for a trip to Costco. So many people. Great sample's. The house is now well stocked with olive oil, chicken stock, cat food, and laundry detergent. I love Costco. Took the car to the shop yesterday and I have a temporary fix to my heating problem. To fix the problemwith the heat and be able to switch to air this summer will cost me $1500.00 my car is not worth that much. So this week I plan to take the car to another place to see if I can get the work done cheaper. I don't know what I will do if I can't . I can not afford to make a car payment and I live in NC and can't go without air conditioning when summer comes around again. Still working on the dishcloths for my Mother and Sister. Paid a visit to A C Moore today and All the holiday yarn was gone. I really wanted some to knit a few scarves. After this we made our way to Harris Teeter, I really like Harris Teeter and hate that Harris Teeter closed here in Asheboro several years ago. Walmart took it out I think. I am almost finished with dishcloth number 6 out of 8 for my sister. I need to have her dishcloths finished by Monday. So all of them are Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth. It is a pattern that you can knit quickly. I have another week almost to to knit my mothers. Books-A-Million did not have the books I was looking for so I ordered one of the books of course it has a knitting theme and I should get it right before Christmas. Another year is almost over. That have I accomplished? I will let you know in the next few weeks if I feel like I have accomplished anything.

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Michelle said...

I am sure you have accomplished a lot this past year! It is so frustrating when the a/c and heat stops working in a car. That happened to my sister in July with her mini-van and it was going to cost her around $1500 too. I think she did without it for the rest of the summer. Bless her heart and she was going to decide before summer comes around again whether to pay the $1500 or to trade her mini van in on something else! Isn't it ridiculous when a/c costs sooo much?

I want to see your dishcloths when you finish them. Try to take a photo if you can.

Do you ever look online at for books? They have some good deals on used books and I have found some craft books there before for cheap!

Have a great Sunday and I am so glad to be able to comment again on your post!

I have some craft photos to upload and share later too. We have a small tree and I have been crocheting all the ornaments for it.