Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day! I hope everyone has a great day. Christmas Eve was great I got up early and my Daughter, Mother, and I went to the nursing home to visit my Grandmother, she is of course my Daughter's Great Grandmother,and of course my Mother's Mother. She is 94 and seemed to be in a pretty good mood. After this we came back home and started cooking the double bash of Chili. I did all my chopping onions, peppers and garlic the day before. I don't have an original recipe. I love a recipe for chili that I found in a cookbook years ago. The cookbook is 365 Ways To Cook Hamburger And Other Ground Meats, Rick Rodgers, the recipe is # Red's Secret Ingredient Chili. The secret ingredient is a tall bottle of Mexican dark beer. The family loves it! My Daughter's boyfriend came and we all had a great time. We got up this morning opened presents and then my Daughter and her Boyfriend went to his parents house. My Mother and I have spent a quite day at home trying to find something to watch of tv. I am not sure why I pay for cable I can never find a good movie. I wanted to watch some of the old school Christmas movies but I can't find any to watch. We are under a winter storm advisory. So I hope we get the chance to see snow. I lost my dishcloth war. I did not get all the dishcloths my Mother wanted done. I did get enough done so that she can give each one two cloths apiece.


Clara said...

Glad you had a great day. I also made up a batch of chili and dropped it off to a couple of my brothers who really enjoy it. All the best in 2011!

Ria said...

Wow - just awesome your great grandmother - God bless her. Sounds like a fun day you had.

I think 2 dishcloths each was a great job!