Monday, December 20, 2010

A Cloudy Night

It is getting cloudy. So this means I will not get to view the Lunar Eclipse. If I have all the information correct we will not see another total lunar eclipse during the winter solstice for another 80 years. The best viewing time will be at 1:30 am. All the weather people say the clouds are setting in and we will miss the eclipse. I love good lunar eclipse. I had the chance to see one when my daughter was about 10 or 9 I think. I can't remember if it was a total or partial. On the bright side I have only two working days left this week! Still working on my Mother's dishcloths. I have all six red dishcloths finished. Now I have cast on a green I have four green dishcloths left to knit. Also 4 mistletoe dishcloths left. My plan is to spend a little time reading right before bed. I am watching the Reginald Owen version of a Christmas Carol, I recorded it earlier. I Don't understand why no one seems to have the Alastair Sims version showing so far, or the Patrick Stewart version. Off to take a shower check the moon and do some reading.

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