Saturday, December 04, 2010

First Snow

Asheboro had it's first snow. It was very pretty and it did not last for very long. We had just come home from a trip to the Fish Market and Grocery Store. I think it might have lasted 30 minutes. The snow is gone now. I was great to watch. I am enjoying some time alone in the house. My Mother went to her Sister's for the night and I am home alone. I love having the house to myself. I confess that I have not spent to much time knitting dishcloth's today. I did add at least three rows to the Feather and Fan Dishcloth that I started. I plan is to work on it while watching 48 Hours a Mystery tonight. I cast on three different time a scarf out of Patos pooch yarn I have only one ball. I brought it on sale a long time ago and now the yarn has been discontinued. I cast on with large needles thinking this would help and I would get a nice scarf out of the one ball but no such look. I have tried a straight knit stitch casting on twelve and then tried again with six, then tried a cast on of 20 for a Bias Scarf. So far nothing seems to be working. I looked on ebay and Amazon could not find the color I need. I have the Spring Blush. I did see some pooch on ebay but not the Spring Blush! I think I will try the Bias Scarf again maybe it will work with just the one ball. What can you do with one ball on Patons pooch? It's just 36 yds of yarn. I really hate it when a yarn gets discontinued. I am ready to watch a few Christmas themed movies.


Sharon Marie said...

Maybe use the Pooch yarn as an accent on a hat? I had made a baby blanket with that yarn and then realized that it was handwashable so not very practical. I do like it though.

Little Wren said...

Have you checked on Someone there might have the yarn you're looking for. I know they exchange and sell stashes from time to time. :)

Nancy said...

I make toddler size hats with one ball and cuffs for gloves to match.