Monday, November 29, 2010


The dishcloth war is on! Finally got started with the dishcloths my Mother and Sister want for their friends. Because my Sister said she did not care what color the dishcloths are for her friend's I have 4 dishcloth's already knit just need the end's weaved. I cast on and knit one dishcloth in Mistletoe yesterday and cast on another today. I have knit both from scrap yarn so I hope I have enough scrap to finish the second dishcloth. Tomorrow is pay day and I plan to get a balls of Mistletoe to finish the dishcloth's for my Mother. My Mother wants several cloth's per friend and in certain colors. Mother's never make thing's easy even when you are old and grown. I have a new book to read it is the first in a series by Linda Byler Running Around (and Such) Lizzie Searches for Love Book 1. So I am off to bed to read for a little while and then get ready for Tuesday. My daughter has my camera so no picture's for my blog.


Stitch 'n Frog said...

It must be "that time of year" because my daughter and I are crocheting dishcloths. ~LOL~

We are making them in a vari colored cotton with red, white, & green, then bordering with a round of either red or green. Those and a pot pincher or two will make great little gifties during these holiday weeks.

I know yours will be enjoyed as well as much better than anything bought in stores!

Ria said...

Nothing like dishcloths for quick satisfaction for completing a project! Hope you get your camera back soon!