Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Dishlcoth War Continue's

The battle to get dishcloths knit for my Mother and Sister continues. As of today I have cast off the fourth dishcloth for my Mother. I know that is not a lot. The battle would be won if I did not need to sleep and work. Saturday will be a big day for working on dishcloths. So as a change of pace I plan to cast a Feather and Fan Dishcloth maybe tonight. It is Friday Eve and I am ready for the weekend. Today I took off work after a half a day so that I could take my Mother to apply for another id. It was so nice to get off work and have a few relaxing hours. I spent the time knitting a dishcloth, watching tv and on the Internet. I love my laptop.

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Little Wren said...

Do you prefer knitting dish cloths over crocheting them? I crochet a half ton of them over the last couple of months.I think they worked up SOOO fast and with a back post double crochet they get lots of texture too. ;)Is knitting faster for you on these?