Sunday, June 07, 2009

Busy weekend.

Spent most of the day on Saturday trying to clean out my garage. It has Lot's of stuff in it mostly stuff on one uses anymore. A lot of the stuff is my Mother's when she moved in with me in 2006 she had stuff from her house. She moved out of her house because she had to put her Mother my Grandmother in a nursing home. I get along well with my Mother so it is not to much of a problem that we live together now. I was hoping however that I would get a year or tow of living by my self before she moved in the house. I did not only a few months. I am getting off track a cousin of ours needed a place to live so she let her move into her house since she had moved in with me so last year she had to clean out the house in order for the cousin to move in and although she Say's she gave and threw a lot of stuff away a lot of in landed in my garage. 2 sets of what I call Blue Willow dishes one set is for me and the other my daughter's not complete sets but lots of place setting. If I can one day I plan to try and complete set. I live not to far away from Replacements, LTD I think you can find just about any item you want or need to replace from thousands of china patterns. Then we went to Lowe's Hardware and picked up 2 eggplants one Black Beauty and one Green never heard of a Green eggplant until this week. I already have a Pingtung Long eggplant in the ground last year this eggplant was a good producer. We cooked out and I spent time reading By Hook or By Crook, by Betty Hechtman. It is a good read, I am on page 104 and really enjoying the book. I knit a few rows on my dishcloth and my daughter told me today that she wants some knit dishcloths for her new apartment. She said She needed to look through my yarn to see what colors she wanted me to use for the dishcloths. So that's about it for me.

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Ria said...

green eggplant? I have to look. I have "regular", japanese ichiban, white and a white/purple stripe.

I love eggplant!! I'm having some tonite ( obviously bought) sliced on the mandolin, brushed with olive oil, some salt, pepper and crushed italian seasoning and on the grill it goes! Toss some balsamic on it before serving.. yum!