Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Middle of the week

Well another long day at work. Then I went to my nieces graduation she graduated from High School today. She was accepted at Fayetteville State University and in late August she will be on her way to school. I did not get a chance to get a picture of her in her cap and gown. At the last minute the school decided to hold the graduation in the gym and I had to sit in the over flow section and did not make it in the gym. I had to watch on screen in the auditorium. At least they had air conditioning. So not to much on the knitting front. I Will spend a little time knitting. I need to do a little reading tonight. Picture of fish my daughter took during the cruise.


Linda (thegothicl) said...

I had to go get By hook or by crook today. Haven't started it yet.

Ria said...

cool fish!

Congratulations to your niece!!