Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Wide Knit In Public Day!

Well I went to Southern Pines, NC to participate in WWKIPD. I had a great time meet some very nice ladies and a very nice young lady all of them great knitter's. We sat under a very big Magnolia tree and a few other's right by the downtown farmers market. I think the music went along with the farmers market. The WWKIPD was sponsored by Bella Filati the local yarn shop in Southern Pines. If you live in NC and you want to do a nice weekend road trip you need to make your way to downtown Southern Pines and Bella Filati! Everyone at the WWKIPD and Bella Filati very friendly. The shop has a lot of great yarn they had my favorite Noro love the stuff. To visit the website Sign up for the newsletter and check out all the great yarn and classes. I have wanted to visit the shop for such a long time since right after I learned how to knit. Then we went to visit my cousin Rose and we went to Ruby Tuesday and had a great salad. After that off to my Aunt's house after a couple of hours went had dinner with them and paid a visit to the nursing home to see my Grandmother. Pretty good day today. I worked on my sock while knitting in public. That's me in the peach shirt.


Ria said...

Looks like you had a great time! it was raining buckets here in north jersey- would only be able to knit with superwash!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! You must be pretty advanced to be working on socks--they look pretty difficult to me.