Wednesday, November 01, 2006

HUMPDAY !!!!!!!

Well I started another dishcloth last night and I did not drink that extra glass of wine so all went well with the start of this dishcloth so I have 5 dishcloths complete and # 7 started and #6 almost complete #6 needs the edging done. I might not put the edging on the dishcloth I think it looks pretty good without the edging but when you look at the picture of the dishcloth the edging really does set off the look of the dishcloth. The dishcloth I am working on now is from The Big Book of Dishcloths # 33 I will need to read the pattern very carefully while working this pattern. I will post a picture of the dishcloth when it's finished. I am posting tonight a picture of #6 so you can see what it looks like without the edging. I am glad I have at least a month to finish this Christmas project because things are moving slow but I will continue to press on and get all of my projects done on time. Happy crocheting and knitting

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