Friday, November 03, 2006


Okay it is Friday and I am so happy. 2 whole day that I don't have to answer the phone, smile or return any phone call thank you Lord!!!!! I hope to get in a lot of crochet time I need to get my dishcloths done. I have to spend so time on my Crochet Lace Afghan I just have too do this because I love the pattern it is easy and looks great. This dishcloth and potholder project might be to much for me to many dishcloths and potholders and not enough time for the projects I want to do, since my mother paid for the yarn and wanted me to do this I will have to make the dishcloths and potholders. I have to tell my mother that I will not do this again, I like making things but I just don't like feeling like I have to do something. Learning to crochet was suppose to be something I did because I wanted too. Oh well what can I do now I should have just said no. I guess when she noticed that I was in a group that did exchanges that I would not mine the work but I really do. I am posting a picture of a dishcloth that I am almost finished working on. Happy Crocheting and Knitting.



I didn't know you had a blogger blog!!
I guess I'm the last to know!!!
I really like your blog!!
I'll try to make a button for you!!
Carol T (from my 360)

Fiber Deviant said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean... when you HAVE to do something, it just kinda takes all of the fun out of it!

nice work, by the way!

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