Friday, November 17, 2006

Have mercy it is Friday!!!! Thank You

Finally it is Friday. I thought I would scream and bang my head againist the wall of my office before the day came to an end today. I am thankful to have a job but thank you Lord I don't have to go to work tomorrow. We have to much work and to little time. I know I could work overtime but I don't get paid for it I get comp time which means if I want to take a day off I can and I will get paid, but if you take a day off you just get further behind and yes all of us need a day off every now and then but I have vacation time to take care of that and I hardly ever take time off from work. I need money and I wish we got paid for the overtime I could use the money and it would make the extra time at work worth it. December means overtime I am taking extra days for Christmas and I will have to work at least 2 Saturday's so that's what I will do I just hope we are able to get everything done. We need more workers. I really hate the fact that I don't know so many of my client's, when I first started to work at DSS I knew most of my clients and if they called me I did not need to look them up on the computer because I knew something about them now every client I talk too I have to look them up so I can help them it is sad. Thanksgiving is coming next week so this means just 3 days of work next week. No crochet today I did however make it to Hobby Lobby so this means only 2 skeins of yarn left to buy. I need to call Hobby Lobby in Greensboro to find out if they have the Butter color yarn I am looking for my local does not have that color. I have maybe 5 more rows and 1 of the crochet lace shells afghans I am making will be finished, and then I will need to finish the red crochet lace shells afghan I plan to make it a large afghan. My book did not arrive today maybe tomorrow. Happy crocheting and knitting.

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