Monday, November 13, 2006


I had a very long day and then came home and checked the mail no book so I will have to keep waiting. So far not a lot of crochet did just a little at my morning break but could not make myself do any crochet at lunch or my afternoon break. I need a miracle when it comes to my job I am thankful to have my job but I am tired of all the stress. I have to many clients and not enough time. So tonight when I am watching TV I hope to crochet most of the time I find it makes me feel better to crochet. Happy crocheting and knitting.


Carol Thomas said...

Hi Theresa
I have a new blog, as of this morning, on blogger beta
The other one is still active, I'm just rying to decide which one I like better!! the beta sure is a lot easier though!!

Carol Thomas said...

Hi Theresa!
Just me again, I added your blogs link to my new blog, with the blogger beta, it seems to be a lot easier to add links & things, with this new one, I don't have to work in the template-just in the front where it says to customize it,I click on that,but my other one is in beta, but it's different like my other one( that was the regular blogger, just a lot shorter), so for everyone that wants to add buttons, they can, but the new one, I gave you the blogs address yesterday, it's easier, the links don't take up as much space, but if you still want your button I made you I'll IM it to you!! on the new blog, I added my buttons, as pictures, even if it says "GIFs", instead of "JEPG", If I can add the buttons with their links on the new beta blog, I still haven't learned how to do that, but the links are fine!!