Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well what can I say?

It is Tuesday night I am tired House is on and I don't know why I am here on this earth. No crochet today not yet anyway and I am not sure I will tonight. I had a long hard day at work and tomorrow I plan to buy a lottery ticket. My plans are to pay a visit to crochetville and then watch TV. I should crochet it is always soothing. I checked the mail when I got home today and still no book I guess it is going to take awhile I really want it to come soon. I already have a project picked out. I might do something that I should not and order the yarn that the designer used online for the pattern I am sure it will be my 2 months allowance for yarn money to get the yarn for the project. We shall see what happens. I might order the yarn for my sisters scarf at the end of November I think I am changing my mind about my scarf I am going to make I am thinking about the Surprise Me Striped Scarf from Hooked Scarves 20 Easy Crochet Projects, by Margaret Hubert the scarf is made from Kureyon by Noro 100% wool 3 skeins it is a self striping yarn and from the picture it makes a very pretty scarf. I am sure it is warm and my sister is very cold natured. We shall see what happens I can't remember the price of the yarn I will have to visit the site again to check the price. Happy crocheting and knitting.

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