Saturday, October 28, 2006

A visit to A.C. Moore

Paid a visit to A.C. Moore today and brought more cotton yarn and a Leisure Arts crochet book dishcloths. I have 16 dishcloths to go and I don't want to use the same 2 patterns over and over so I now have 16 designs to choose from to finish my dishcloth project. I will start on another set tonight. We went to Costco today too and I really love the place but I can tell that prices are going up even in Costco, the last time I brought a 5 liter bottle of Olive Oil it was about $19.95 or so and now its $25.00 it is still a good price when you consider the fact that less than a liter can cost $6.95 and up in the grocery store. Still we brought some very nice Salmon fillets and Catfish. The next time I go I am going to get a leg of lamb, I really like lamb. I have kept to my promise and I have not worked on my Crochet Lace Shells Afghan or Crazy Stitch Afghan. The Crazy stitch is 95% finished and Crochet Lace Shells 50% but since they are not gifts I can finish them anytime. I hope Hobby Lobby has a 40% off any one item so that I can start buying the yarn for my next afghan project. The project I want to start calls for TLC Essentials 9 skeins by Coats & Clark this yarn at Hobby Lobby is $2.99 per skein so it would take 9 trips to the store, you can only use the coupon one time a day. This means that it will take 2 month's I think to get the yarn because I don't think Hobby Lobby runs the coupon but once a month. I wish it was 40% off you purchase price. I think they would sale a lot more if people could get 40% off the entire purchase. Well off to make another dishcloth. Happy Crocheting and Knitting.

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