Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Christmas in October Crochet

2 dishcloths done and 18 more to go and do you know what? I have spent the night on the computer checking my email and visiting www.crochetville.org one of my favorite places to visit I love to read the post and see all the beautiful work that all the ladies produce. I brought a new crochet book tonight at Books-A-Million Hooked Scarves 20 Easy Crochet Projects by Margaret Hubert while I should be asleep I will be looking through this book. I really need to be spending my time working on the 18 dishcloths I still have to crochet. I will do much better tomorrow I promise. I tried to figure out how to add buttons and links to my page but oh no I could not figure it out I am not the worlds best when it comes to blogs I wish it could be made easier. I would like to put a button for crochetville, and my page on 360, and likes to other blogs, and crochet pattern sites. I wish blogger would make it as easy as posting a picture I don't know how to get the right codes, and I don't know how to add counter, calendars, or clocks so I can't add any interest to my blog. Well happy Crocheting and Knitting everybody.

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Sean Carter said...

happy crocheting and knitting to you as well. though i am not into knitting, my mom is and she would certainly love your blog. in case you wish to check out out some really cool gift ideas this christmas, take a look at Christmas Blog and enjoy.