Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wonderful Snow Day!

Early this morning it started to snow. When I woke up around 6:00 am the street in front of my house was covered with snow, so I turned on the TV and watched to see if our office was under a delay I could not believe it when our agency was closed.So I went online to our website and all offices were closed. We are under a 2 hour delay tomorrow. The day was great because after finding out the office was closed I went back to bed watched the new, listened to the radio, I went back to sleep. When I finally got out of bed for the day I had the house to myself. My day was spent watching it snow, watching old movies, on the Internet, and knitting. I really needed a day to myself. My Mother left yesterday to stay with her Sister for the week. While she is in Montgomery County she will visit with her Mother, My Grandmother. So I will have the house to myself all week. I really enjoy time by myself. My knitting was nothing major, I finished another dishcloth and I wanted to cast on a scarf but a friend called and spent some time on the phone. All of my Monday night show turned out to be re runs so I watched another old movie. Well off to spend a few minutes reading before going to bed.

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Ria said...

Even as an adult a snow day is awesome!