Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am ready for a warm up!

It is cold here and I am ready for things to warm up and thaw out. We had snow early Monday morning and on and off through out the day, ending with a little sleet and freezing rain very early Tuesday morning. It was not a lot but just enough to make driving hard and getting into my drive way very hard, my driveway is not paved so this makes it hard to get back in the driveway after I get out. So I am ready for the temperature's to stay above freezing at night so the snow and ice that melts during the day will not refreeze. Had the chance at lunchtime today to knit and talk with my fellow coworkers. A woman that use to work at social services died Sunday, she was only 42 and had a lot of health problems. I wanted to go to her visitation tonight but since I had such a hard time on my icy driveway and worrying about black ice on the roads I did not attend. I really liked her a lot. She was to me a very warm friendly person, and funny. I always enjoyed talking to her in the hallways and during lunch breaks. She was a pretty woman with a great smile. She will be missed. This is the scarf I cast on Monday during my snow day. It is coming along nicely and I want to finish it this weekend. It has grown since this picture. Even with the knit two edge it is curling just a little but it is all good. I am on my way to bed to do a little reading. I am still reading A Holiday Yarn, by Sally Goldenbaum it is a great read. If I could spend all my time reading I am sure I would have finished the book by now. I need to check on my book I order at Books a Million. I think I will stop by after work tomorrow.


Ria said...

So sorry about your friend. Stay safe in the ice!

Colleen said...

Take care.

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