Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Very Cold and Windy Saturday

Today has been a very cold and windy day. Today was sort of grocery shopping day. We needed to pick up a few things we started at Walmart, then on to Bottom Dollar, Lowe's Food, and Food Lion. When you live in a small town it is hard to do one stop shopping. We decided to do a stir fry of sorts for dinner tonight and I wanted bean sprouts well Walmart, Bottom Dollar, Food Lion out of luck they do not have bean sprouts only Lowe's Food in this area. The winter mix missed us yesterday so no snow flurries. I am not so sure we are going to be as lucky on Monday! Finished up the Pomp A Doodle Scarf last night and I think it is to short. The pattern on the band only calls for 1 skein of yarn and on the RedHeart website the pattern calls for 2 skeins. I plan to use it anyway. I brought Cece a snuggy sack for Christmas, so I am posting a picture of puppy cuteness.


Sharon Marie said...

She's a little doll.

Ria said...

Totally looks like the definition of snug as a bug!