Monday, December 27, 2010

The long weekend is over.

I have had a nice long weekend. It is coming to a close. It is back to work tomorrow but only for 3 days. I dread tomorrow because the office was closed on Friday and on Monday so people will come into the office tomorrow in large number's I am trying to prepare myself. Most of the time I get these days off. This year I lost my mind and did not ask in time to get the days off. Next year I won't let this happen again. Slept late today then made my way to Sally's Beauty Supply to get a new blow dryer, and hair roller. I am trying to go natural, note the word try. Maybe I should say semi natural . This means I am trying to grow out my relaxer, I have not had a relaxer since I think May or June? This means my hair has not been straighten with chemicals since then. I did start letting my Mother straighten my hair with a pressing comb in October this is why I say I am going semi natural. Natural would mean leaving my hair kinky. the ease of care depends on how easy it is to take care of your hair. So after I washed my hair I gave my self a deep conditioning treatment then my Mother blow dried and pressed my hair. This is a form of straighting the hair. This means you use a pressing oil and a hot comb to straighten the hair. If you are interested in the process you might be able to look it up on YouTube I am not sure. I added a few rows to my scarf today and I plan to read a little tonight right before bed. I am posting a picture of my Daughter trying to knit a dishcloth. She would not look up so I could get a good shoot of her face. Only 5 days left until the new year.


Ria said...

Oh, good luck tomorrow. I end up putting in for this week in July so I am sure to get it!!

My daughter chemically relaxed (not even straightened) her hair once, to make it easier to blow and iron it straight. It really messed up her hair, she just got the last of the damage trimmed off. (She's mixed so her hair is curly/kinky but fine) She's happy cause she found something in you tube and now it takes her "only" and hour to straighten her hair. Ugh - most days I show up at work and my hair is still wet (it froze the other day)LOL

Clara said...

Your daughter is hiding a beautiful face...I can tell! She crochets too--that's great!