Friday, September 10, 2010

Yarn Heaven

Yesterday day after a very long day at work I came home to Yarn Heaven! I pulled into my driveway and a package from Knit Picks was sitting on my doorstep. I could not wait to open the box. I told you in previous post that on Ravelry I particiapated in a contest to see who would be the next Foodnetwork Star. The contestant that was assigned to me won and out of my group I received the prizes. Yarncandie and Straightneedles gave my giftcard's to KnitPicks so I was able to order yarn from KnitPicks. It was my first time ordering and of course I ordered more that the gift card amounts. It was all good because I used the gift card and then paid for the other half of the order. I am posting a picture of the yarn. I am not sure what projects I will use the yarn on at this time. I am happy to have great yarn to add to my stash. I finished reading God Ain't Through Yet, by Mary Monroe and picked up Getting To Happy, by Terry Mcmillan at my local Library. I enjoyed God Ain't Through Yet it is laugh out loud funny. Getting To Happy is the long awaited sequel to Waiting To Exhale. So far so good and I am sure I will enjoy the book. Terry McMillan is one of my favorite Author's. I hope she will continue to produce great novels. It is the weekend and I plan to read and try to finish a few knitting projects.


Sharon Marie said...

Congratulations! Your color choices are great. :)

Ria said...

Great yarn!!

I am currently stalking my postman - knitpicks said they mailed my order on Thursday!!