Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Long Weekend!

Well on Thursday night my long weekend started. On Friday I got up lazed around and made my way to the Library. Went to the library to get direction to Evelen Arces Flea Market it is located at 825 Julian Ave, Thomasville NC 336-472-0244. Paid a visit to Walgreens and I hate going to Walgreens, to pick up a prescription for my Mother. I arrived at Walgreens around 10:06 I pulled up to the drive through and I waited and I waited for some one to come to the window to see me. I watched a worker count money right in front of the drive through window help a few customers in the store but she did not acknowledge me, a worker walked past the window at least two times and did not turn my way. I know someone in side the pharmacy knew I was waiting . I have been inside Walgreens and visited the Pharmacy and I know you can see car's that pull up from inside the pharmacy. As I was stating I pulled in at 10:06 and after I rang a service bell it was almost 10:15 before anyone came to the window and asked me if I was picking up or dropping off a prescription. To top it off after this and the fact that the prescription was ready they could not find my mother prescription. So to make a long story shot it took over 30 minutes to get a prescription that was suppose to be ready for pick up. I was more upset about the fact that I had to wait nearly 15 minutes before anyone approached the window than I was about not being able to find the window. My daughter and my fur grand baby arrived Friday evening and on Saturday we got up and traveled to Thomasville for the flea market. It was great if I wanted to I could have brought a pig, turkey,duck, or chicken. They had lots of vegetables and we brought greens, corn, eggplant, fresh fish. If I knew how to cook blue crab I would have brought some. I am fur baby sitting this weekend. I finished reading Knit in Comfort, by Isabel Sharpe, it was a great easy read and I enjoyed the read. On Friday during my trip to the library I checked out God Ain't through Yet, by Mary Monroe. It is a great read and it is not Crochet or Knit related! Worked a few row of the lasted magic scarf by crazy aunt purl. The best thing about my long weekend is returning to work on Wednesday!!! Posting a picture of Cece she has grow a lot.

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Ria said...

Cece may have grown - but she's still adorable!!

Jealous of your long weekend!