Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fur Baby Sitting

I have spent the weekend fur baby sitting. My daughter went to Raleigh this weekend and I am baby sitting her puppy . She has a lot of energy. I am just a little worried about her right now because she went in her travel cage and she's just sitting in the cage looking a little sad. She has spent most of her time here playing and running around so maybe she's just tired. So no knitting or crochet in the past week. I think I knit a few rows on my sock on last Sunday. I finished reading Left Over Dead, by Jimmie Ruth Evans. I have read all of the books so far in the series. My container tomato's are progressing and I am thinking of doing a few late plantings in a kiddie pool. It is something my supervisor read about on the internet and told us about last Thursday. What she told us was you get a plastic kiddie pool put a hole in it for drainage, add mulch, potting soil, and top soil. Then add your plants. My Lilies are in bloom.

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Ria said...

Lilies are pretty! I was hoping for puppy pic's...

they make topsy turvy bags specifically for peppers. The holes are out the sides instead of the bottom.