Monday, May 31, 2010

Quiet Monday Evening

I am having a quiet Monday evening. My Daughter was here today and we cooked out on the grill in despite on the thunder storm and rain. The storm past quickly and we have a cover on our deck so the grill did not get wet. We grilled chicken and ribs, tried to do corn on the cob and asparagus. Cece was so excited to see Kendra that of course tinkled. I was afraid she would forget who she was but I was wrong. The cats are happy again now that the invader has gone. I miss Cece even though she kept me very busy. Puppies have a lot of energy. I have a few pictures to post of Cece. I could not get her to be still long enough to get a real good picture. My daughter was able to take a good one of her sleeping in her lap today.

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Krista said...

How absolutely adorable! Puppies and kittens are always so cute. She looks like a little ball of energy.

~ Krista
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