Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

I have my book I wanted to post early this morning but got in a little late and wanted to started reading as soon as I could after I got home. I love to people watch so after dinner last night my daughter and I got out the lawn chairs and sat on the sidewalk waiting for 11:30 and time to lineup. I think this went pretty smoothly, The lining everyone up at 11:30 first group A, then B called into the store the group and put into a lined that wrapped around one side of the bookstore then the count down and then you could get your book I was out of the store and in my car by 12:20 so not bad but then came the slight bit of car trouble and me daughter following my home to Asheboro instead of going back to Winston-Salem. I started about 2:00 and read until 4:30 slow reader so only made it to page 85 now on page 231. I am avoiding must places on the internet so that I won't find out before I am finished with the book whats going to happen I have not looked at the back page so I don't know what the final word is in the book. I you have finished the book please don't leave any comments about the ending. Happy crocheting and knitting and reading to all Happy Potter fans.

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