Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finished @ 1:30 am Monday Morning.

Wow no internet, knitting, and not much internet time until I got the book read. I wanted to take my time and read slowly because its the last one in the series. I loved the book it was great. I am now on the list for the book on CD I am calling tomorrow morning to see if they have the book waiting for me I noticed that I have an item ready for pick up I hope this is not a mix up and they don't still have a book waiting for me instead of the CD. All Harry Potter fans if you have not finished reading yet please finish so we can leave each other comments about the book. Do you think she can come up with another book that could be as good as or top Harry Potter? Happy reading, knitting, and crocheting.


Wendy G. said...

Well... I think she's a talented writer and if she writes anything else, it'll be good, but..... IDK... The Harry Potter Series is going to be tough for anyone to top, including her.

KnitXcorE said...

i'm only on chapter 4..... i'd better get reading!