Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

Well its 2007 and everyone has high hopes for the new year. I am hoping for some things to change in my life and I hope they are for the good. I am tired of struggling when it comes to money I want to have enough money to get the bills paid and go to the grocery store something that has not happened to me in the last 20 years only on certain occasions such as tax refunds and now as I look back on it if I was crazy enough to go to a loan company an borrow money to catch up my bills or pay off a few and I was crazy several times. Well maybe good things will happen not many have in my life. Yes I know I am in a lot better shape than a lot of people because I see it every day and they are in better shape than some. I am thankfull I have a job and a house even if it could use some work, and a car so I can get back and forth to work. I have not crochet in over a week trying to enjoy the time I have to spend with my daughter and the time we spent at the beach to busy looking at the ocean to crochet while at the beach.

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dale said...

I know it seems that others have more and life appears to be unfair in that we have to struggle so. Poor by American standards is rich by world standards but somehow that doesn't seem to make things better.
When I first moved to this area I had a good job and a nice house. I rented out five bedrooms which took in enough money to pay for the house and I still had a rec room, an office, and a living room w/fireplace all to myself.
My yard whad pear trees, apple trees, peach trees, grape vines, and room for two gardens, plus enough room for horseshoe pits, swing set and gym for the kids, picnic table and enough room to play a mean game of soccer.
I reeived a free car every year and a bonus equal to my salry. I gave that up because I was never home and I wsnted to be with my family. Soon afterwards, my wife gave me up because she wanted her overseas vacation every year.
She thought she was getting a handsome young man to make her happy but she got a drug addicted spouse abuser who couldn't stay out of jail. Soon after his release from prison she dropped dead. I believe eithr out of fear or a broken heart.
I now live in the country with a wife who can't stay out of the doctors office and it keeps me broke and struggling pay check to pay check.
Being poor is tough. Being unhappy is tougher.