Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Exchange, Exchange I love Exchanges.

Tonight I am posting pictures of two July exchanges. The granny square exchange and potholder exchange. The first picture is from the July granny exchange my exchange partner for July was Bettina Kaminski from Germany she did a wonderful job on the granny squares she sent very soft yarn. The second is from my July potholder exchange partner, she sent to wonderful potholder nice and thick they will work great in the kitchen. All the exchanges I am participate in are on a fabulous group I belong to through Yahoo, atmyhouse@yahoo.com . The people in this group are great we have both crocheter and knitters, and many different exchanges. So you could get something in knit or crochet. I plan to start posting pictures of all my partners work. I think I will go back to past exchanges to show that work. I don't have any projects started at this time. I plan to start one soon. I have red and black yarn 2 pounds of red and 2 pounds of black I had planned to use some of this yarn on a afghan for my daughter's boyfriend I cant make up my mind if that is a good idea. Who knows things are going great at the moment but that could change. I have a pattern book Afghans by the Pound by Rita Weiss from Lesisure Arts. One pattern I would really like to try is Fabulous Fans but not in red or black , the last time I was at AC Moore they had a very pretty orange it is a soft orange not bright, but I think the pattern would work great with a bright color. We brought lottery tickets today and of course I didn't win this is why I don't buy that often, but it is wonderful to have the choice to buy here in NC.

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