Saturday, July 08, 2006

It's Saturday I love the weekend

Well It's Saturday I got up this morning and made my way to the Post Office to mail my granny square exchange to my partner for the month. I forgot to take a picture of my exchange so that I could show it after I get word from my partner that she has received her "puffy" that's what the packages are called in the group. I am now working on the dishcloths to send to my partner in that exchange and tomorrow I will start the potholders, dishcloths and potholders don't take long to make just started the first dishcloth today at the mall while I waited for my daughter to get her hair done at Regis in Greensboro. I talked to a very nice lady and her husband as the sat and rested from their shopping. I like to people watch at the mall. I went to the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro and I discovered that I really like the colors in Busy Bee yarn the Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby yarn it is expensive yarn over $5.00 per skein but they have beautiful colors fro light pastels to bright. In my mind I could see a round ripple or start afghan made from the very bright colors I was today. I received on Friday in the July dishcloth exchange two very pretty dishcloths, a pattern book for knit and crochet shampoo samples and a pencil case a nice note from my exchange partner Joye Summers from Tennessee . I have been searching for months for something to keep my crochet hooks in but until Joye sent a pencil case to me and explalined that she used one for her needs I would have never thought about using a pencil case. I am a little slow sometimes. Well I must get back to my dishcloth. I will post a picture of what I received from Joye tomorrow.

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