Monday, July 03, 2006


I finished my Grandmother's afghan today. It took a month for me to make. I didn't work on it everyday so that might be one of the reasons it took so long. The afghan is a rectangle granny the pattern was posted by Erin Lindsey and can be found on her blog, she wrote the pattern and not only that she put pictures of how to get started, how to change colors this is very helpful for those of us who are new to crochet and need a visual so they can understand. So I give many thanks to Erin Lindsey for sharing a very nice pattern. I found out about this pattern at . Now its on to my next Project.

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ErinLindsey said...

I like your afghan. It looks ginormous! :) I think I've made a couple rectangle grannies that turned out almost as big. Glad you liked the pattern... :)