Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Night Blue's 2

Well another Sunday night not much on tv, I have spent the day on the net and working on my exchanges and the baby blanket for a friend's baby that is due in August. Tried to take a picture of what I have done so far but it is not a very good picture I really need to get a digital camera. Well another work week ahead and I dont know what I will do, it will be a hard one because last week I had 2 days off for the 4th and only worked a half day on Thursday and Friday. So It will be back to the 40 plus hours that I have been working lately, Please dont get me wrong I am thankful for my job because it does pay the bills, it just the stress of the job. I know all to well that a lot of people dont have jobs I deal with them everyday, lots of plant closing in this area and job are hard to find and the competition for the few job that are out there is very stiff. The picture that I am posting tonight is what I received in July's dishcloth exchange with the atmyhouse yahoo group. My partner for the month was Joye Summers she is a great knitter.

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