Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Sunday Night

Well once again it is Sunday night. Wow the weekend passes by so quickly. Here I am again dreading Monday all over again. I will repeat again that I am thankful to have a job, I just enjoy my leisure time more than I enjoy my time on the job. I have a stressful job. Last night I posted that I have plans to make a 5 point granny square for a baby afghan well I have changed my mine. I started a different afghan it is Beth's Little Star Afghan it is by Beth Parsons. So far so good I am on rounds 6. Its time to change colors and I need to seek advice from Beth. So I plan to go to her site and ask a few questions I have only two weeks to finish this afghan because that's all the time my daughter has left at her summer job. Time passes by very quickly at least to me but not to my daughter. I think she has been read to go back to school since she came home in May. On Friday tax free weekend will begin and on Saturday we have plans to go to Concord to do lots of shopping, before she leaves we will make the annual trip to Costco. I am posting a picture of the first 6 rows in the baby afghan. I am working for the lady on my daughters job.

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