Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HUMPDAY !!!!!!!

Well its humped two more days to go and it is the weekend baby!!!!. Well another hard day at work, each and everyday that I go to work I feel that I earn my keep as far a work goes the phone rang off the hook today. The struggle continues each and everyday for so many of the citizens of Randolph County, so many job loses. When I first moved to Randolph 19 years ago you could quit one job if you wanted to and find another the next day! And as some of the supervisor's use to tell us in the factories I use to work in we can find someone to replace you these jobs are a dime a dozen. This was indeed the case, this is true no longer so many factories have closed and jobs that are above minimum wage are to hard to find. I don't know if anyone else in Randolph County has notice but it seems to me the number of people with a good education seems to have dropped. So many of the people I come across have never finished high school and I think this is going to present a problem in the not to distant future. As I said at the being so many people are struggling it is hard to keep up with the demand. Well on to crochet I did a little crochet last night on the star afhan that I am working, I am on round 9, so far so good. When this afghan is finished I plan to start another star in very bright colors. Love, love bright. colors.

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