Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's Saturday Night

Its Saturday night and not a lot to do. I am watching TV and talking to my daughter. I need to be working on the baby afghan I am making for a woman that works with my daughter. She wants a afghan for a friend or relative that's having a baby. My plan is to make a round ripple afghan but I am having trouble with the pattern. The afghan is not laying flat. I have ripped out my work several times. I have changed hook sizes 3 times. I plan to rip out what I have done so far this time only 5 rounds, and try an H hook. Just in case this does not work I plan to make a 5 point granny square this one I know how to do I have made 2 already. I plan to use pastel green and blue its for a boy. I am not giving up on the round ripple but just working on a back up plan since I am getting paid and the woman I am making the afghan for does not care what pattern I use just the colors. Spent another great day in Greensboro with my daughter and mother , I really like Greensboro the shopping and the restaurants. The shopping because you have more to choice from the restaurants for the same reason and because Greensboro has liquor buy the drink, this appeals to me because sometimes I like to have a glass of wine or mixed drink with my meal. I am responsible and have a driver who doesn't drink. I live in Asheboro and I really wish we had beer and wine sales and liquor buy the drink, I feel that I would have the right to choose. Its not like I have a drink every time I go out but once again I have the choice. That is very important a right to choose. I am posting a picture of the afghan.

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