Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well its back to work tomorrow. Thankful to have a job in these economic times but have mercy how I wish that I would have at least tried to make it in college then I could have a career instead of a job. Something exciting that paid well and didn't have to worry about having a part time job. I have been without a part time job since September and I think I am going to need to find another. I am hoping that after I file taxes if I get a refund and it is enough to catch up some bills I can get on a budget and maybe not have to get one. Now that I have discovered crochet I want to spend my time crocheting and I would like to join a group at the library in Greensboro, it is the Greensboro Crochet & Knit Club. If I have to get a second job again this will be out of the question. Then girls night out if I cant work any night of the week most people wont hire you for the job. Found a pattern for a poncho at AC Moore yesterday and I have been reading it so far I think it is understandable so I plan to practice with scrape yarn tonight. The pattern is from Bernat "At Home" Poncho (to knit & crochet) everybody is trying to do a knockoff of the Poncho that Martha Stewart was wearing when she left prison, I think it was given to her by one of the ladies in prison. It was a beautiful Poncho. All of the patterns I have seen so far have something about home in the title. I really think Martha got a bad deal going to prison. Her new show is great on my days off I watch along with The View. AC Moore has a large variety of yarn to choose from I think they might have Hobby Lobby beat on yarn. Well its time for me to get in some practice with my crochet. Pictures still to come maybe this weekend we shall see if I can get the film developed and my daughter to help me download the pic's and no I don't have a digital camera. I know I need to come into the 21st century. Well thats all folks.

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