Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well summer is here and I am still working on my sweater. We finished the 4 classes and I have almost finished the left side and started the right side. I started the armhole for the left side. I am a few row's in on the right side. We will continue the sweater through the month of July. I am a lazy knitter because I have no husband, children, or anything pressing me on the weekend so that I can not spend time knitting. I stay in the bed on the weekend very late and then when I get up  watching tv and the Internet claims a lot of my attention. So far today no knitting and yesterday only two or three rows. It is not that I don't enjoy knitting I do and I am enjoying learning how to knit a sweater, it is working my self up to do something other than staring at the tv. I refuse to give up and will finish the sweater. I have a few days off this week and hope to make progress. I will work a half day on Wednesday and off the 4th and the 5th.       

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Anonymous said...


I think it's great that you've learned knitting and that you're knitting a sweater! I'm hoping to learn at some point in the next few years. I want to start out with some dish cloths and work my way up to an easy T-style sweater. Your sweater is going to be beautiful!

Donna L