Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's the last day of the Month and my first and only post for July. It is sad but true it seem I am losing all interest in living my life and doing the things that I enjoy. I have so many soul sucking things taking up my life. Oh well on with my tale of July.  The month started out signing up for another class on knitting an Aran Sweater this was turning out to be a very expensive sweater. Still I did not mind because I enjoy the class and I really like all the ladies taking the class and the woman teaching the class. Everyone in the class is at a different stage in their sweater most are ahead of me. A lot of the ladies are retired I think 4 of us that have full time jobs. They are not as lazy as I am and are further along than me. Last week I became somewhat  discouraged because my cable went a little off and it was in a place that you could tell something was not quite right. So I gave up all together and did not on the left side, which I could have and then I would be closer to finishing my left and right side. So tonight I went to class and it was planned  ahead of time that we would work on a hat to felt to take a break from the sweater. It is a hat knit on circular needles in the round a great break and so far an easy knit. At the end of the class I ask the instructor to take a look at my cable she looked at it knew what to do to fix  it without ripping out the entire row and she fixed it for me and now I am back on track and this weekend I am determined to finish both sides of the sweater so that I can start my back. Since we have come to the end of our second set of classes the Arts Guild told us that we could continue to use the space as a meeting place and so now we are forming a knitting circle, no name yet. We can continue on with our sweater knitting or knit whatever we like and enjoy each other's company. The next knitting class offered by the Arts Guild is a Christmas Stocking. I plan to take this class also. Still searching for buttons for my sweater. So this is about everything for the month of  July. I am ready to move into August and hopefully a better month. Sweater progress picture below, the color is much better in person.            

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