Friday, July 06, 2012

Trying To Enjoy My Days Off

I will not call it a vacation , I have days off and I am not enjoying them. First the office was closed yesterday for the 4th, my Daughter and her Boyfriend and her dog came to the house for a cookout. We put ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and kelibsa sausage on the grill. A new grill that Kendra's boyfriend had to put together. That was not so bad. Then before all of the eating could begin my Mother decides to call my Aunt to see if she wanted to come to the house. Well she could not come she needed to visit a friend in the hospital. My Mother talks her into letting her babysit her grandchild that she's raising. She is 8 1/2 and not that she is a bad child but if I had my choice I would not spend a lot of time with little children. I have raised my one and only child and that's all I wanted to be involved with.  The next time I take days off and I don't do anything but sit at home, I will make sure my Mother is visiting her sister and their Mother so I can be alone. I finished reading  The Half-Stitched Amish Quitting Club, by  Wanda E. Brunstetter today it was a great read. Try to start a scarf today but did not get to far. Worked on my dirty bedroom today. I made a little progress, but I still have a long ways to go. I could be on an episode of  Clean House or Horders Buried Alive. I finally have the money togethter for the roof, I need to get one more estimate and then I will go with the man my friend at work told me about. Only asked for another person to come by because my Daughter kept nagging me to see if I could find someone cheaper. I wish I would have waited until after the man I want to do the job was finished and then told her about the roof. The weather is still really hot and dry so my garden is not doing very well. Happy crafting and gardening.      

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