Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Hot Is It!

Okay it is hot in the State of North Carolina. Today we made it to the mid 90's tommorrow according to the reports we will hit 100.   I am half a step closer to getting a new roof. Hopefully by sometime next week I will have enough money to get the roof and maybe enough to get the two dead tree's cut down.  We shall see.  Still working the Diagonal Comfort Blanket, slowly but surely maybe before the summer ends it will be complete. Just finished reading A Hand to Hold, by Kathleen Fuller. It was the third book in the  A Hearts of Middlefield Series, I really hope it is not the last but the end makes me think it is the last for the charactors in this series. Sunday I picked up a new book by Wanda E Brunstetter it is The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club. I think I will start reading it tonight when I go to bed.  I have downloaded my first Audio book to my Kindle, at least I think it downloaded  if it did download I might listen and do a little knitting add a few row to the blanket. I really need to get a crochet project going.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture--I love Stargazer Lilies! Are you doing more crocheting or knitting these days?

Anonymous said...
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