Friday, August 31, 2012

Had to get in at least one post for August

It has been a long time since my last post. I think this year will be worst than last year if I don't get any better at posting. I final have the new roof and it is great it looks so much better and I feel much better about getting rain. It has not rained since the roof has been finished. No crochet this summer and not much on the knitting front. I have added a few rows to  a scarf I am working. I put down baby afghan and for some reason I just can't pick it back up.  I will I am sure. I have spent a lot of time reading. Mostly books about the Amish. I have a nice long weekend coming and I am glad. Yet another summer has come and gone and no vacation. Maybe one day I can afford one. Started Zumba again. This time it is two day's per week at my job provided by a woman at work who is certified in Zumba. I am really enjoying this class much better than the classes I started off taking. I feel less pressure to be perfect. Maybe it is because I feel the need to be less perfect with the steps among my fellow co workers. The fall garden went in this week 2 varieties of Kale, a mustard-spinach, a rape, a mixed green, a turnip, and lettuce. We are thinking about adding beet just to see if it will do okay. If we don't get beets the tops are good too.

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