Saturday, April 07, 2012

Good Friday

It was great to sleep in and have the day off.  We started the day by getting up and heading out of Asheboro and Randolph it is one of my favorite things to do spending time out of Asheboro and Randolph. It is like a dark cloud lifts and a weight off my shoulders.  First stop Savory Spice Shop and I found something I have wanted for a long time it is a whole nutmeg. When you live in a small and dinky City there are something you can't find. So the Savory Spice Shop was great place and can't wait to visit again. If you want to find a spice, salt, or rub you should be able to find it at Savory Spice shop. Harris Teeter at Friendly shopping center, next stop A C Moore, then off to the Super G  International Market. I love the super G International. So after all this I made my way back to Asheboro the dark cloud and weight to pay a visit to Walmart and the Bottom Dollar  now transformed back to Food Lion. So 6 stores and after that I was tired and ready to go home to my house that needs a roof.  Tonight I made Pollo en edobo(chicken and edobo) a recipe I found on Youtube. It turned out great.  Spent a little time working a few rows of a baby washcloth.  Happy crafting.

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Carol said...

I wanted to stop by, and ask how you have been doing, and to see your lovely blog!!

May Your Easter Be Blessed!!
Love, Carol