Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is a fine line between just enough and to much !

It is a fine line between just enough and to much rain. It was really dry here in Asheboro North Carolina. So it finally started to rain on Thursday and it has rained and rained. I wanted the rain because of the greens and spinach my mother planted a few weeks ago. Well it rained so hard on Friday that one end of the garden had water standing in it not a lot of water but enough to cover some of the spinach. It is still raining, we had a little sun today, but it is raining now. Today I cooked this is not a thing I do very often. While I was looking a cooking videos on YouTube I came across two videos one on how to cook rice and one to cook chicken. The recipes are in Spanish. So I was not sure of my quantities of liquid in the first recipe. When you go to YouTube and type in Pollo en Adobo you will find the first recipe, it is the one with all the chicken parts not just chicken legs. I know what the ingredients are because he shows them to you, but there is only one place that he makes a note on how much water to use. Since I cant speak Spanish this is a problem. I gave the recipe a try anyway and tried to guess at the amounts of water and white wine. The second recipe was how to cook rice. If you do a search you can type in carmenlacocinera and you can find how to cook non or no stick rice(arroz). This recipe is more about skill because she did list the ingredients in English. My rice did not stick but it was mushy. It had a great favor. I will try again. So far no knitting or reading today. I am posting a picture of my niece and a long horn steer. I took the picture yesterday at Char-Mara Alpaca Farm.

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