Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Downward Slide

Well I have made it through Wednesday and this means only two days left before the weekend. Something I have been dreaming about since Sunday afternoon. No plans for Saturday so far because I find it very hard to make myself do anything these such as all my crafting hobbies. Like crochet, knitting, and blogging. So on Sunday I plan to go to Rising Meadows Farm and Goat Lady Dairy open houses. I plan to spend money I really don't have on lamb and goat cheese. I need to get out and stop letting the day to day life sucking stuff such as trying to figure out how I am going to pay the bills and get out of debt stop taking over my life. Maybe I should buy a few lottery tickets it would solve a lot of my problem. You know I would like to use a lot of foul language but I am not sure I am allowed to do so anymore for reason I feel I am not allowed to explain. So many my freedoms have been sucked away for so very little. Oh well life sucks and then you die. So no reading yet and absolutely no knitting or crochet tonight. Craft on to all of you that can get over your daily life sucking events. Posting a picture from my visit to Char-Amra Alpaca Farm last Saturday.

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